New Mini Info+ app will change the way you see system info!

It’s been a year, but we’ve been secretly building the most exciting release of Mini Info. It’s so amazing, we decided to release it as a separate product, appropriately named Mini Info+. Free download on the Google Play Store.


3 New Info Pieces


Mini Info+ Main Page for Android Mini Info+ Volume for Android


We are packing 3 new info pieces, including the heavily requested Internal SD Card, with a user defined path, Network Info with a budget tracker and Volume with master volume.


The Mini Info+ main page had been completely redesigned to accomodate these 3 new info pieces. We now use a 2 column setup with a vertical progress bar and stacked info items for a clearer, more organized feel.


These, along with Battery, Disk Space, SD Card space, CPU and RAM for the 8 total info pieces, all of which can have their display info customized in the settings, shown on the widget and in the notification bar.


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Mini Info 2.0 reviewed on androidwidget.info!

We would just like to take the time to say thanks to the latest testimonial for one of our treasured products, Mini Info. In the review found here. The review is really comprehensive, outlining our main features and explicitly stating our HD icons as well.




Do you have enough space in your Android Device to download new widgets, games or whatever you want? Are you giving the proper use to your battery?


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Detailed Explainations for Mini Info 2.0 Features and Changes Part 2

This is a continuation of Part 1 of our Mini Info 2.0 release notes.



We’ve added tons more customization options by popular demand, and one of the most commonly asked questions is for the progress bar colors. In the settings menu, there is a small button with color in it which represents the progress bar color, which will add a nice touch on any device. Custom shortcuts and tap actions allow you to change what happens when you tap a certain row on the main screen, you can even launch your favorite task manager or app manager, all starting with mini info’s dashboard style start page. For those who like consistency, for the widget backgrounds, we added a 2.2 style widget background that’s very common for android widgets.


New Features Change Progress Bar Color Widget Settings


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Detailed Explainations for Mini Info 2.0 Features and Changes

For the past two months, after several other projects like school countdown, we thought that it would be necessary to build the latest release of Mini Info. Unlike previous versions, this is a 2.0 release with many new features and customizations, not just a simple update.



As always, here at Dynotes, we like to give detailed explanations of our updates and releases for those who want to get the most out of the latest release. Don’t like reading? The pictures will give a good idea of that the paragraph will talk about.


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Mini Info Pro Key 1.0.1 unlocks Pro features in Mini Info

This Key can unlock many features like:

  • Toggle Bar’s order customizable
  • Basic widget + 5 more:
    - Standalone Battery
    - Disk Space
    - SD Card
    - Disk + SD Card
    - Ram + CPU
  • Middle Info for basic 3
  • Remove Ads


The pro key was introduced in version 1.7.0 and is only compatible with that version. Its a cheap upgrade of $1.99 that can give you a world of good. That’s stacked on top of all the free features of Mini Info like widgets, dashboard like main page, lots of settings, etc.

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Mini Info 1.5.0, toggle bar, ram and cpu… greatest update yet!

The latest and greatest installment of Mini Info has some powerful new features. With RAM info, CPU usage, and a new toggle bar highlighting the main visible improvements, many user requests have been fulfilled! They are conveniently located on the main screen (tap the widget).


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Mini Info v1.2.0 now comes with widget!!

The handiest device info application now becomes even handier! Mini Info 1.2.0 fixes some minor defects and has a faster launch time for its extra info segments (long click each piece of info for more info).


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Mini Info FAQ

Q: Why does the battery level only go by tens?

A: Most likely, it’s because you are are using Android 2.0 firmware. Unfortunately, in Android 2.0, the battery level only goes by tens.


Q: How do I add a widget to my home screen?

A: To add a widget to your home screen, simply long press on an open part of the screen, select Widget/Android Widget, the press “Mini Info Widget”. The widget will place itself if you have two open cells on your home screen.


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