New Mini Info+ app will change the way you see system info!

It’s been a year, but we’ve been secretly building the most exciting release of Mini Info. It’s so amazing, we decided to release it as a separate product, appropriately named Mini Info+. Free download on the Google Play Store.


3 New Info Pieces


Mini Info+ Main Page for Android Mini Info+ Volume for Android


We are packing 3 new info pieces, including the heavily requested Internal SD Card, with a user defined path, Network Info with a budget tracker and Volume with master volume.


The Mini Info+ main page had been completely redesigned to accomodate these 3 new info pieces. We now use a 2 column setup with a vertical progress bar and stacked info items for a clearer, more organized feel.


These, along with Battery, Disk Space, SD Card space, CPU and RAM for the 8 total info pieces, all of which can have their display info customized in the settings, shown on the widget and in the notification bar.


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How to improve TTS on the Multi Lang Dictionary for iPhone and iPad

We’ve heard a lot of feedback regarding the TTS of the MLD on iPhone. Here is a simple troubleshooting/tips and tricks list to improve your experience.


I can’t hear the words, what’s going on?

Please check the system media volume (the same volume to play music), not the ringer volume. Also, check if the ringer isn’t silenced.


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Mini Info 1.5.0, toggle bar, ram and cpu… greatest update yet!

The latest and greatest installment of Mini Info has some powerful new features. With RAM info, CPU usage, and a new toggle bar highlighting the main visible improvements, many user requests have been fulfilled! They are conveniently located on the main screen (tap the widget).


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