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Morning Coffee – MultiLangNews available for Android Devices!

We have a new member of our app family, a state of the art news reader called Morning Coffee – MultiLangNews for Android!


This fantastic app has tons of great features like 9 great topics to read, and 58 editions tailored for your country/region/language. It even has a history of read articles, starred articles, news sharing, search, select and copy text, and text to speech so you can get your news hands free.


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Breaking news: Infinity Web Browser Released on Android Market!

Infinity Web Browser on Android is not only a full functioned browser to help you surf web smoothly, but also specializes the following differentiated features from others:


  • Tabbed browsing
  • Multiple language instant news portal for multiple countries and regions around the world
  • All-in-one search including web, image, blog, Youtube video, local business, news, book and patent
  • Built-in full featured text & web page translator
  • Built-in RSS (feed) subscription and online and offline reader
  • Built in Youtube video watch
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