New Mini Info 2.0 Registration Process, and the Methodology

NOTE: existing users who bought the pro key do not need to register. Only people who previously donated via paypal or others whom we have talked to specifically need to register.

Removed read phone state permission. This is a big one and one that inspired us to update. For starters, Android (beginning with the samsung galaxy tab) manufacturers began making devices that don’t have mobile data plans, while this is great, it left some of us, developers in the dust as we use a common method, getDeviceID as our main unique identifier. Of course, this would mean that we would sacrifice a ton of users, like wifi only models which is a big concern for us. We would frequently get emails asking for why only the key showing up and it is this permission alone which prevents us to be shown on their devices.


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Mini Info 2.0 Permissions Guide and Explanations

This is a comprehensive list of all the permissions and how we use them:



Used to write the brightness, volume, airplane mode, auto rotation, screen timeout, and unlock pattern on/off in the System Settings when the respective toggle is pressed



Used to detect whether the Wifi is on or off and displayed on the indicator light under the toggle button


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Multi Lang Dictionary for iOS ALL Languages

There are just TOO MANY languages in the Multi Lang Dictionary for iPhone to list in the product description page


Google Dictionary


  • 25 languages to English and vice versa, including Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese(S & T), Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Kannada, Korean, Malayalam, Marathi, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai
  • 11 languages have self-explanation dictionaries, including Chinese(Simplified & Traditional), Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

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TIP: Accidentally set Unlock Pattern on your Android, Here’s how to reset pattern!

Hello Android users!

In our Android app, Mini Info, we granted a wonderful feature where you can set your unlock pattern. Unfortunately, some users have accidentally locked themselves out of there phones.

Fortunately, Android has a built in recovery system that can reset or disable the lock pattern.


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How to improve TTS on the Multi Lang Dictionary for iPhone and iPad

We’ve heard a lot of feedback regarding the TTS of the MLD on iPhone. Here is a simple troubleshooting/tips and tricks list to improve your experience.


I can’t hear the words, what’s going on?

Please check the system media volume (the same volume to play music), not the ringer volume. Also, check if the ringer isn’t silenced.


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Frequently Asked Questions – MLD Android

Q: Can I have any offline dictionary to use?


A: Since MLD 4.0.1, a Multi Lang Dictionary Reader has been built in as one of pro features. Using it, you can download the offline dictionaries from internet and look up the words from these offline dictionaries. Please beware that to reduce the size of installation, the offline dictionary files are not packaged with the Multi Lang Dictionary app itself. You need internet connection to download them. After downloaded, the files are saved on SD card.


Q: How to use the offline dictionary?


A: Press the button at top-left corner, in which the default is G (Google), switch it to S (SD card), enter a word in text box, then click “Lookup”. When the selected dictionary is used at the first time, the App will prompt to download the file of the dictionary.


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Mini Info FAQ

Q: Why does the battery level only go by tens?

A: Most likely, it’s because you are are using Android 2.0 firmware. Unfortunately, in Android 2.0, the battery level only goes by tens.


Q: How do I add a widget to my home screen?

A: To add a widget to your home screen, simply long press on an open part of the screen, select Widget/Android Widget, the press “Mini Info Widget”. The widget will place itself if you have two open cells on your home screen.


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Infinity – Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I rarely get a force close?

We share bookmarks and history with the default browser. However, if you have installed other browsers on your device, based on our investigation. Some browsers use lots of memory to syncronize these resources in the background. Hence, your memory will be drained out quickly. Try to uninstall the other browsers before testing and using this one


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