MLD Online Dictionary Update!

Recently, we’ve been working on adding more detail to our definitions. Now when you look up a word, we will provide not only the English definition for context purposes, but also synonyms, and results in other languages.


Updated Online Dictionary

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Multi Lang Dictionary 5.0.1 with full iOS 7 Support!

Lately, we’ve been working on a fantastic new update for Multi Lang Dictionary for iOS. Version 5.0 is fully equipped with iOS 7 support so it looks stellar on Apple’s newest OS. We’ve even updated the logo for a flatter, more modern look.


Multi Lang Dictionary 5.0.1 iPhone Main Multi Lang Dictionary 5.0.1 iPhone Speak Multi Lang Dictionary 5.0.1 iPhone Translate


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Multi Lang Dictionary Now Has Auto Complete And Combined Offline/Online TTS

Recently at Dynotes, we’ve been brewing up ideas to improve our products, especially for our flagship Multi Lang Dictionary. Along with some minor fixes, we’ve decided on several key features that will make your overall experience better.


iPhone Multi Lang Dictionary Auto Complete iPhone Multi Lang Dictionary Definition Links iPhone Multi Lang Dictionary Combined TTS


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Now begins the wave of iPhone 5 app updates

Hey everyone, with the release of the iPhone 5 a month ago, the screen was updated to be 4″ diagonally. This means that many apps’ current designs will no longer fill the new resolution, and that’s ugly, and Dynotes doesn’t like their apps ugly.


Rest assured though! We have recently updated our apps Flex Search and School Countdown to make use of the new resolution and an update for Multi Lang Dictionary has been submitted for review. We will publish release notes on them shortly.


Meanwhile, we are also forgoing support for iOS versions >4.3 as it allows us to take advantage of new device and firmware features of the newer iOS’s.

Flex Search Now Lets You “Beam” Webpages From the Left to Right Panel 2.2.0 Release Notes

In Flex Search 2.2, there are a lot of new stuff to be excited about.


The main feature added is the swipe from left panel to the right panel to load webpage on right panel. We call this beaming, and basically if something that requires a bigger screen size can be “beamed” from the smaller pane to the larger pane. This is also great if you want to share a search result or use Find in Page, etc.


For Pro users, we added a nice bonus in case you want to load a favorite page at startup instead of our about page. There is now a set as home option in the actions menu to set the currently viewed page as the home.


We also fixed a few bugs in iOS 5 and in the settings page and addressed an issue that the page loading would be on the wrong side.

All Dynotes Apps Now on new Server! Multi lang Dictionary for iPhone, iPad 4.5.1

We recently bumped up Multi Lang Dictionary for iPhone’s version number to 4.5.1. With it, comes several changes that you might have expected. First off, we upgraded the server to the newer and faster one so that it can handle more users.


This completes our circle of apps that need this server update. Read about the similar details for our other apps:


Tips and Tricks for Flex Search 2.0

Starting with 2.0, we’ve also added a few neat tricks for power users and as shortcuts:


  • Hold the search handle button to go to the engine selection as well as access history, settings, etc.
  • Triple tap the web view to access ad blocking shortcuts like manual blocking and auto blocking toggling.
  • Tap the magnifying glass with the one in it to reset the text zoom to 100%
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Fastest, Strongest, Cleanest Flex Search ever! 2.0 Release

Flex Search 2.0 is all about taking searching to the next level. Not only have we completely supercharged our graphics, workflow and speed, we also came out with a universal version for the iPad that utilizes the bigger screen.


For the iPhone and iPod Touch version of Flex Search, every single thing has been redesigned to be faster, more efficient and cleaner. You will notice that startup is significantly faster, landscape mode doesn’t glitch up and typing doesn’t lag. The key focus for this update was not only adding new features but also significantly improving performance.


Flex Search 2.0 New Design Flex Search 2.0 Results Flex Search 2.0 Other Features


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Flex Search 2.0 Leaked Screenshot. Take a peek at the best search assistant ever!

In the eve of our Flex Search 2.0 release with tons of features, a total rebuilt of the internal infrastructure to be faster and more responsive, and a universal companion, we decided that we simply can’t keep the secret to ourselves! Here is a sneak preview [top secret] screenshot of Flex Search 2.0!


Flex Search 2.0 New Design

Tightening the Screws in Multi Lang Dictionary for iPhone and iPad v4.0.3

In the latest update of MLD for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other Apple iOS products, we fixed up some stuff for a more complete Multi Lang Dictionary. This is a minor update, but it will fix the annoyances from previous updates.


First up is the default Translate text changed from “Tip: Press Translate to (re)check the availability of online TTS and Romanization” to a more peaceful, “Enter Text Here” This message is a placeholder, which means it will go away as soon as you start typing. If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, on the Translate bar when you are typing, there is now a convenient Clear button so that you can quickly translate something new.


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