MLD Online Dictionary Update!

Recently, we’ve been working on adding more detail to our definitions. Now when you look up a word, we will provide not only the English definition for context purposes, but also synonyms, and results in other languages.


Updated Online Dictionary

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Multi Lang Dictionary 5.0.1 with full iOS 7 Support!

Lately, we’ve been working on a fantastic new update for Multi Lang Dictionary for iOS. Version 5.0 is fully equipped with iOS 7 support so it looks stellar on Apple’s newest OS. We’ve even updated the logo for a flatter, more modern look.


Multi Lang Dictionary 5.0.1 iPhone Main Multi Lang Dictionary 5.0.1 iPhone Speak Multi Lang Dictionary 5.0.1 iPhone Translate


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Whitespace 1.5.2 Minor Bug Fix Release

When we updated Whitespace a few weeks ago, we added backup and restore, pass code, delete attachments and several other features. You can read the release notes here.


What we didn’t foresee was that there would be a difference between directly updating an app through XCode versus the App Store. When we updated Whitespace to 1.5.1, in order to maintain maximum backup capability, we changed the attachment links from absolute to relative paths so that they could be device independent. But as soon as the app is updated, the absolute link could not be read and changed, thus causing some people to “break” their attachment links.


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Whitespace 1.5.1 with Backup/Restore, Auto Correct, Passcode and more!

Right after we submitted Whitespace 1.0.1 to the App Store, we got busy on working on an update for our one of a kind Whitespace app! Except this time, we were able to plan out the update using a stable version of Whitespace itself, which was pretty cool.


It was also fantastic to see Whitespace get so many reviews from the blogosphere, and we tried to keep up by retweeting each one. Check out our Twitter page to see the retweets!


iOS 7


Whitespace 1.5.1 iPhone Main Whitespace 1.5.1 iPhone Space Whitespace 1.5.1 iPhone Compose


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Introducing Whitespace – A Writer, Editor and Organizer For Your Notes and Ideas

After two years of thinking and two months of arduous development, we present to you Whitespace, a new way to capture ideas.



Whitespace, is initially a little bit hard to describe. We label it as “a writer, editor and organizer for your notes and ideas”, but it is an entire philosophy of recording items. Text editors and writers only focus on the editing, while note taking apps only focus on organization, both sides only focus on half the writing experience.


Whitespace is the best of both worlds, providing Markdown editing features while having a powerful organization system called “spaces”. (We will write about Whitespace’s concepts article later)

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Multi Lang Dictionary Now Has Auto Complete And Combined Offline/Online TTS

Recently at Dynotes, we’ve been brewing up ideas to improve our products, especially for our flagship Multi Lang Dictionary. Along with some minor fixes, we’ve decided on several key features that will make your overall experience better.


iPhone Multi Lang Dictionary Auto Complete iPhone Multi Lang Dictionary Definition Links iPhone Multi Lang Dictionary Combined TTS


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Dynotes is now on Facebook!

Dynotes Facebook Page


We’ve been working hard on thinking how to connect with our users better, and for those who have been in the tech business, you may have realized that we have been absent of a certain social network’s account for quite some time.


We’ve resolved the issue that was limiting us on this respect and now Dynotes Mobile Technology LTD. has an official Facebook page!


We will make sure to post frequent updates to our apps and company, including news and new releases, the same way we do on this blog and on Twitter. Dynotes Twitter Page

iPhone 5 Compatibility Release notes

iPhone 5 3d White

The past two months, we have been scrambling to get all our apps ready-to-go for the new 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5. This included complete rethinking of our apps such as how to use the extra space in Multi Lang Dictionary, or whether to add more engines in Flex Search.


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Now begins the wave of iPhone 5 app updates

Hey everyone, with the release of the iPhone 5 a month ago, the screen was updated to be 4″ diagonally. This means that many apps’ current designs will no longer fill the new resolution, and that’s ugly, and Dynotes doesn’t like their apps ugly.


Rest assured though! We have recently updated our apps Flex Search and School Countdown to make use of the new resolution and an update for Multi Lang Dictionary has been submitted for review. We will publish release notes on them shortly.


Meanwhile, we are also forgoing support for iOS versions >4.3 as it allows us to take advantage of new device and firmware features of the newer iOS’s.